A NEW Happy Valley Mercantile

Welcome! You might know me as Robin's Nest Quilting. That is what is says on my business license 😊. Happy Valley Mercantile is my DBA.

Did you know that ETSY hosts websites? I didn't either! For all of the FUN items that are not allowed to be sold on ETSY, I have listed on an ETSY website!


Things that are not handmade by me, nor can they be used to make something hand made. Here are some examples:

Swaddling Blankets
https://happyvalleymercantile.com/listing/587461232/johanna-jo-sweet-melody-designs-embrace<br />
Moda Home Dish Towels
https://happyvalleymercantile.com/listing/601039631/moda-home-towel-set-fresh-fruit-united<br />
Liberty of London Pincushions
https://happyvalleymercantile.com/listing/586975698/liberty-of-london-fabric-pear-shaped<br />
I would be thrilled if you checked out my new adventure & the FUN items that I love bringing to my customers.

Thank you for your business!
robin 😊

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